Course Description

The EMSHIP+ education (former Erasmus Mundus) in Advanced Design of Ships and Offshore Structures


Duration: 24 months (120 credits)

Starting month of the Masters Course:  September

The objective of the EMSHIP education platform is to provide a high education level in Naval Architecture and Ship & Offshore Design, through 2 years Master Courses (see Offical EMSHIP Programme - Uliege web site).

EMSHIP gives the opportunity to candidates to demonstrate their talents and offer them the necessary skills to work in this challenging industry. 

EMSHIP Added Values

  • Two engineering degrees (double degree) awarded by two European countries (Belgium and Germany, France or Spain), giving in Europe access to the Title of Engineer;
  • Mobility in minimum two EU countries, with a possibility of Internship in a 3rd one (Italy, Romania, UK and France, but also worldwide in Japan, USA, Australia, Korea, Brazil, ….)
  • High diversity of specialization: Pleasure craft (Solent, UK) , yacht design (UNIGE, Italy), CFD and hydrodynamics (ICAM-France, UGAL Romania), Offshore structures, Production, Ship design, Structures, Offshore Wind and Renewable Marine Energy (UPM) …
  • Full English education, with opportunity to learn French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, …
  • INTERNSHIP in Industry - shipyard, class. Societies, … (3 to 5 months)
  • Possibility to apply for SCHOLARSHIP

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