Requested Documents

Please find below main documents to be provided for EMSHIP application:

  • Nationality certificate dated of the year of the registration issued by the local municipal authority, Embassy, consulate, Justice Minister, or a copy of the passport;
  • Copy of your Secondary School Diploma translated in English or French;
  • Copies, certified or authenticated by the institution attended (or by the EMSHIP institution in which you are studying at the moment), of your higher education studies diploma and a transcript of record with a translation (by a sworn translator) into English or French;
  • Exhaustive list of lectures (if possible with a short summary or a link to a website). See prerequisites
  • summary of your final dissertation (Bachelor or Master Thesis; if done) in French or English and a copy of the contents page;
  • An English Proficiency (Toefl, Ielts, proof that English was your previous education language any other document stating your English proficiency);
  • Please provide, year by year, official documents for the past five years if they are not covered by your last diploma (Official declaration of enrolment for higher education or university studies, original employment certificate - specifying occupation start and end dates, declaration of military service). Translation in English or French if they are not
  • Two Recommendation letters in English.

In principle all copies have to be sworn. Therefore, simple translations can be accepted, but once in Belgium you will have to prove the original documents. That is why it is useful to upload sworn copies.

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